Buggy Design

The Luma Buggy Design
The idea of the Luma Buggy came out of the need for a push walker that wasn’t made of cheap, ugly plastic. Our second child, Luna, was just starting to walk and we wanted her to have a fun, stylist, yet sturdy push walker. We looked at a lot of the push walkers out there and they just didn’t satisfy our needs. We decided to make our own.
Being product designers by trade, we got to work on designing a new push walker that could be elegant in styling yet sturdy, strong, and never tip over. We wanted it to be multi-functional so once they mastered walking, it would still be useful and eventually passed down to someone else.
One thing we learned with our first child, Mason, is that kids love pushing things around. So we thought a car that’s also a cart would be perfect. So a push cart that’s also a wagon for toys. Nice!
Buggy CAD design
Test Designs in CAD
Initial Prototype Build
Safety & Sustainability
We're always thinking about safety and watching our kids climb in and out made us realize the importance of not tipping in any direction. That’s why the Buggy has a lower center of gravity and a longer and wider wheelbase. The placement of the handle is forward enough, in front of rear wheels, so that it’s very difficult to tip the Buggy backwards. As they pick themselves up, the weight is distributed toward the center of the Buggy, not the rear, preventing rear tipping. We added the second, lower handlebar so when sitting inside the Buggy, they wouldn’t fall backwards through the rear. We added the grip holes on the sides where they naturally put their hands so they would instinctually grab it. 
We made the wheels extra large because it looks fun and cute but also because it provides better grip and traction. We created a custom injection mold for the tires to precisely fit our uniquely sized wheels. We used black high-density silicone instead of rubber so it wouldn’t mark up floors and walls with unsightly black stains.
All the hardware screws are stainless steel so they won’t rust. The entire Buggy is plastic-free and made from eco-friendly, sustainable baltic birch ply – the same kind of wood often used in high-end designer furniture. 
Colors & Personalization
One of the most unique features of the Luma Buggy is our ability to customize with colors and personalization. We’ve designed it in a way where customers can create one-of-a-kind designs without compromising quality or delivery times. No other push walker on the market can provide a custom design and still ship within 24 hours. We believe that each child is special and unique and their Luma Buggy should have the option to reflect that individuality.
personalized blue truck buggy